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Product Liability

Many products such as children’s toys, motor vehicles, medical devices, and kitchen appliances cause injury to the consumer due to defective manufacturing. Thousands of products every year are recalled, but these recalls are often too late, and the government regulations on product safety are often ineffective and fail to provide adequate protection for the victims of faulty products. You may have an individual claim or a class action claim.  

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Class action against Taurus pistols.  Settled for 30 Million dollars.

Class action against Century International Arms, Corp. for defective AK-47 safety selector.

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Class action against Taurus pistols.  Click here to see complaint.

Class action against Comcast.  Click here to see complaint.

We also handle individual claims against defective guns involving serious personal injury. 

Class action against Florida Men's Medical Clinic and Men's Medical Clinic.

Johnson & Johnson talcum powder liability claims.

Our firm is taking on Johnson & Johnson claims for the Talcum powder that has led to ovarian cancer. A recent jury has returned a verdict for 72 million dollars in an ovarian cancer case against Johnson & Johnson.